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Based in London, S Cawdery Bespoke Joinery & Furniture is founded upon the core values of trust, honesty, integrity and unfailing quality. We specialise in delivering all types of bespoke joinery & furniture solutions to suit your every need, employing our extensive skill, experience and undying passion to exceed your expectations every time.

Steve Cawdery has been delivering high quality bespoke joinery and furniture for 40 years. Using high quality materials and traditional technique, S Cawdery Bespoke Joinery & Furniture design and manufacture cutting edge bespoke joinery and furniture.

After 22 years as a director of production and installation in a similar bespoke furniture company, Steve founded S Cawdery Bespoke Joinery & Furniture makers in 2010 and has not looked back since.  With a fantastic team of skilled craftsmen behind him every step of the way, you will see the care and attention dedicated to every piece produced.

S Cawdery Bespoke Joinery & Furniture commission, design, manufacture and install everything from architectural joinery to bespoke furniture items including (but not limited to) internal & external doors, kitchens, wardrobes, bookcases, tables, chairs and high end media units.  No job is too small and we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity from the start of your journey with us.The majority of our bespoke furniture is crafted from a variety of harvested and sustainable hardwoods and veneers, but it is often combined with other materials including, metals, glass and stone and can be installed in a collection of finishes. Throughout this page you can see examples and photographs of our bespoke joinery and furniture over recent years.

At S.Cawdery all pieces are produced in-house and the highly skilled team look upon each new bespoke project as an exciting challenge.  We offer a wide range of innovative concepts and ideas together with individual design.

If you are looking for high quality, high finish and excellent customer service, you need look no further than S Cawdery Bespoke Joinery and Furniture makers. We pride ourselves on conveying our core values of trust, honesty, integrity, quality and ensuring we always deliver as promised.


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